-   The 25th Annual Home and Garden Expo came to a close today at the Wells Fargo Pavilion... The event brings over 100 vendors out to share their skills with the public regarding all your home and garden needs.... I took a look in to the event and how it continues to help beautify the homes across the Concho Valley....
Spring has arrived - and what better way to bring in the beautiful weather than some home maintenance to match it?
Everything needed to do just that was available this weekend at the 25th Annual Home and Garden Expo hosted by the Home Builder's Association.
Lynsey Flage of the Home Builder’s Association says, "Being able to revamp that home so that you can really save money by making sure you have good installation, good windows and water conservation... it's a great place to learn."
And to further ensure the savings -- attendees had the option of not visiting only one or two vendors -- but they had the chance to visit with over 100 experts in the area of landscaping - homebuilding - plumbing - and many others.
Flage says, "That allows them to shop, see what you got, get some prices, and then go to somebody else without having to spend a lot of time."
The "one-stop shop" essence provides the convenience factor for all looking for their home and garden needs -- and this factor could not be possible without the vendors that are always providing their own spin on how to achieve an aesthetically pleasing home.
Janis Baucom, the chair of the event, "New, different types of vendors are coming out; we're seeing a lot more retail."
In addition to the new products brought forth by the retail vendors... Some kid friendly events were also available.
Flage says, "It's really neat to see the master gardeners out here teaching the kids how to grow and getting them excited about doing their own gardening."
The educational seminars weren't just for the kiddos -- as homeowners could attend design - landscaping - water conservation - and tile installment programs and many others.... But if nothing can be taken away from these seminars or the expo - Janis Baucom suggests one thing...
"It's still important to go out, to get out, get your name out there, to visit with people and see what they have to offer,” Baucom says.

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