KSAN Sunday's weather

- Cloud cover will increase over the next several days and there are rain chances for tomorrow; but, remaining mainly to the north of the Concho Valley for the most part. Not to worry, the rain chances continue throughout the week ahead. We will see our temperatures decrease into the lower 90s by the weekend. Even if it is just a 10 degree drop, we'll definitely have some heat relief.

Skies remain clear over the Concho Valley; but, there are some storms out ahead of the cold front that are starting to creep their way into the Texas panhandle. Still staying warm at this 10 o'clock with many cities still in the 90s.

Today San Angelo reached a high of 102 degrees. Other cities did hit the triple digits but it seems as though the most heat remained centralized in the state. Expect the high heat at least for the next few days as high pressure will remain over us. But, as the cold front works its way to the south, we will see an increase in our cloud cover, which will drop our temperatures a little, as well as bring us chances for rain.

Futurecast showing showers around 7pm tomorrow. However, most activity will remain to the north. Tonight a low of 74 degrees with mostly clear skies for the time being. We'll still see the sun tomorrow as we reach a high of 99 degrees but those clouds will start to develop tomorrow evening. Temperatures will drop by a little for Tuesday with a high of 98 degrees as our rain chances really pick up by Thursday. Headed into the weekend we'll be seeing more of that rain and feeling the temperatures cool off into the low 90s.

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