KLST Tues. 07/22/14 Noon Weather


The extra cloud cover moved in overnight, thanks to the extra activity around the pan handle. As we make our way through today, watch for the majority of these clouds to erode and temperatures warm back up. Winds will also pick up, coming mostly out of the east-southeast 10 to 15 miles per hour. Both of these may actually be a good things, possibly holding back temperatures into the upper 90's. Expecting to see a high of 99 with sunny skies, but some places could crack into the triple digit mark. Yesterday officially saw 100 degrees at Mathis Field, making Monday the 4th day in 2014 to do so. Overnight lows will dip back around the mid 90's with mostly clear skies and calm winds again, picking up the pace for Wednesday. That's where high pressure remains the dominate feature, bringing the heat all the week long. The next sign of relief my not be until mid way through the next work week. If this holds true we could add 4 more days to our triple digits heat tracker.

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