KLST Did The Ice Bucket Challenge For A San Angelo Man

- It’s the icy wake up call that is soaking the Concho Valley and even right here at KLST. We took on the ice bucket challenge from San Angelo's Time Clock Plus to show support to a San Angelo man who's has Lou Gehrig's Disease.

Mike Sheeran says, "You don't ever give up because like my doctor says it can be 3 months...4 years you know? Every time I open my eyes in the morning I thank God I am here again."

Meet Mike Sheeran, a San Angelo resident who has been living with Lou Gehrig's Disease for 18 years and has never stopped having a positive outlook on life.

Sheeran, "I don't move like a cat, you know. I think I do but I don't. "

He took me back to the day his life changed forever.

Sheeran says, "Then my doctor one day, we were walking down the hall and he said, how come you are dragging your left leg and I said I didn't think I was. He said can you pick a dime up off the floor."

Sheeran says, it started in his feet, calves, thighs and lower back. He has had 9 fusion's in his back along with two major surgeries, but keeps a great attitude as he jokingly describes his struggles.

"When he said you can’t do a lot of these things, I said well if you take golf from me you better shoot me now.”

Sheeran loves golf and that's not all he can do.

"About a week after i was diagnosed i went sky diving. I just feel blessed to be where I am."

KLST wanted to join in on the fun and support by getting iced with water all in the name of Lou Gehrig's.

Kaitlin Moore Reports

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