Just One Day: National No Kill day

- At the City of San Angelo Animal Shelter, thousands of animals come through its door however, due to space and animals that go un-adopted pets have a high percentage rate to be euthanized. Recognizing National No Kill Day, the city animal shelter is putting its euthanization needles for one day and teaming up with Concho Valley Paws to get pets a loving home.

"It's my understanding at the local shelter that they euthanize everyday there's an average of 173 animals euthanized every week and that adds up to about nine thousand every year cats and dogs. And it's unacceptable it's about an 80 percent kill rate out there and so that's what this day is all about it that there are alternatives and I think San Angelo might be ready to embrace them," Concho Valley Paws Executive Director Jenie Wilson said.

The state requires the shelter to hold a stray animal for 72 hours. After that time if no claims have been made the animal is either offered for adoption or euthanized. Concho Valley Paws rescued 17 animals from the shelter in hopes that the community will respond to help get them good homes.

"The main thing is references we do check references. So if we've got three references that we can get ahold of pretty easy it helps us make things a lot quicker on our end and then of course we do do a vet check we want to make sure everybody's got their vaccinations spayed and neutered their current pets are cause we want to see a patteren of responsible pet ownership," Wilson said.

The animals rescued from the shelter that remain un-adopted at the end of the day will not be euthanized and remain under the full responsibility of Concho Valley Paws for later adoption.

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