Jury Sentences Salazar In Less Than An Hour

-  A Tom Green County jury spent less than an hour deciding the sentence for 32-year-old Matthew Salazar. He'll have to serve at least one-third of his 99 year sentence.

"I’m still going to miss her everyday."

A very emotional reaction from Pam Haynes, the mother of Heather Salazar, who lost her daughter August 31, 2013 to the hands of Matthew Salazar.

"But what kills me the most is that Brody, Bryce and her little nephew. They aren't going to get their heather.”

It took just under an hour for jury members to come up with a 99 year sentence plus a $10,000 fine for Salazar after hearing closing arguments.

 The 32-year-old was found guilty of murder in the shooting death of his wife Heather last year in Grape Creek.

 Salazar shot his wife after finding her at the home of a long time friend Bradley Floyd, who he also shot in the arm.

Prosecuting Attorney Brian Clayton said in his closing argument, no sin is equal to death.

“We don't settle our differences with guns. If you have a problem you need to deal with it appropriately. You don't go out and kill somebody just because you are unhappy with them."

The Defense Attorney, John Young predicted it would be all or nothing and in this case sudden passion was not found.

Young says, "So we are disappointed with the 99 year verdict. You can't put a number on a life and I understand that. We believed. And while we respect the jury's verdict absolutely, but we believed Matthew snapped when he walked into that house."

Reporter Kaitlin Moore says, “Matthew Salazar will not be eligible for parole for 30 years. That will be 2044 and with this 99 year sentence the family does feel that they have closure.”

Haynes says, "God has got to forgive him but for peace for myself and my family I need to too.

 Kaitlin Moore Reports

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