"Journey for Jonathan"

It started as a promise to his best friend; now, almost a year after cancer took the life of a young man, Winston Hall is making a pilgrimage of sorts to Colorado. With only 800 miles to go, Hall has realized this journey is much more than a kept promise.

Connie Gonzalez has the story...

"What do you do when they leave you a saddle? You ride a horse," and that's exactly what Winston Hall is doing; riding on a horse from Gatesville, TX to Estes Park, CO.

"I wouldn't ride a thousand miles on a horse for just anybody. I was doing this as a testament as my friendship for Jonathan," said Hall.

Winston was set on beginning the "Journey for Jonathan" on March 13th, his best friends birthday, but if you're traveling by horseback, you need a horse.

"The problem with finding a horse was I had promised Jonathan I would use his saddle."

That saddle with a beautiful design on aged leather. The one Winston had tried to buy off Jonathan numerous times. The saddle Winston received after Jonathan had died. That symbol of their friendship was a perfect fit on this four-year-old American Mustang.

"They're tougher, they're hard headed, and they don't stop. They're like the energizer bunny."

Now, just ten days and 200 miles into the journey, it's already been a challenge.

"We went through all four seasons in just ten days."

Winston says, the harsh conditions were expected, but the kindness he has received from perfect strangers was not.

"What has touched me and Donna the most is that they wanna know the story. They want to know 'why are you doing this' not 'where are you going,' but why are you going?" Hall said.

March 27th marks a year since Jonathan passed away from cancer. Winston says, he doesn't know where he'll be in his journey, but that life-long friend will be with him for yet another adventure.

Winston continues on his 1,000-mile journey Tuesday morning, as he and "DB" head to Water Valley; he expects to make it to "Wind River Ranch" near Estes Park, CO within 8-weeks.

He plans to write a book about his friendship and the journey to fulfill his promise.

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