Jehovah's Witness Memorial

- This week of Passover and Easter is a time when people around the world of many denominations mark events in biblical history. Members of Jehovah's Witnesses mark another event that coincides with the Jewish Passover.
Witnesses do not celebrate Easter, instead a "Memorial to Christ" is observed each year.

"There in Luke CH. 22 and Verse 19...he told his disciples to keep doing this in remembrance of him...until he returned and on the 14th...was the night he instituted that..and coincidentally on the jewish calendar..tonight ..April 14th coincides with Niassan 14th," Elder of the Pecan Grove Congregation Mark Childs said.

The Jehovah's Witness "Christ Memorial" is held on "Niassan 14" which is the Hebrew lunar calender day of Passover.

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