Irion receives $2.5 mil for road repair

- Several Concho Valley counties are receiving state funding for road repairs. Irion County received one of the largest grants at $2.5 million to repair damage on roads with heavy oil field traffic.

Oil field production trucks pass through Barnhart at all hours of the day and, over the past year, that's resulted in roads that are showing the effects with bumps and potholes. Irion County Commissioners met with road engineers Wednesday to talk about how to spend the 2.5-million-dollar grant.

"We have 121 miles of roads in Irion county... that helps us repair our roads and our infrastructure that's been destroyed by the oil field business," Irion County Judge, Tom Aiken said.

He said the money will be used to repair roads being used everyday for oil field production.

"It's all directly related to the number of oil wells that are drilled, the number of working wells that are there, what you're going to apply it for," explained Aiken.

The Barnhart roads are in such poor shape, the influx of oil trucks is making traffic reroute.... to drive around massive potholes. Even so, it will be about a year before any road work will actually begin.

"Our roads have been overran with oil field traffic. They have destroyed each and every road in my precinct... 131, 301, 302, 309, 310, 311, 312, Murphy Lane and every lane and every street in Barnhart. Until we get started on this TIFF grant and get in here with some big money, anything we can do is just a bandaid," stated Irion County Commissioner, John Nanny.

Several other Concho Valley counties also received road repair grants including Crockett and Reagan...along with Coke, Concho, Menard, Schleicher, Sterling, and Tom Green counties.

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