Hundreds Affected By Sexual Assault

Dozens walked around the Tom Green County Courthouse Saturday morning, in high heels, to raise awareness about hundreds affected by sexual assault in the Concho Valley.

Brookes Humter volunteers at the Concho Valley Rape Crisis Center. Humter dedicates her time in helping those affected by sexual assault. She is a survivor.

"I'm here, I'm alive and I'm surviving," Humter said.

Many victims of sexual assault, male or female, may not have anyone to turn to or know what to do following a painful experience.

"It hurts to know that there are so many out there and we hope that with this awareness and everything, that people will speak out more," Humter said.

Executive Director of the Concho Valley Rape Crisis Center, Karla Payne, said last year the center helped over 300 men and women in the Concho Valley.

"Statistics show that up to the age of 12, boys and girls are sexually assaulted at the same rate; so, that's about one in four children by the time they're age 12 [that] will possibly be sexually assaulted," Payne said.

Payne says no one is immune to sexual assault.

"We live in a wonderful, great, friendly community in San Angelo, but sexual assault happens everywhere," Payne said.

Saturday afternoon, community members walked around the Tom Green County Courthouse in high heels to raise awareness about sexual assault.

"When guys put on the heels they may be a little uncomfortable, it may be a little painful and that just gives them a little idea of what women go through on a daily basis," Payne said.

Payne and Humter are joined by many caring individuals at the Concho Valley Rape Crisis Center ready to help those in need.

"We'll help you through everything. We'll go to the hospital, we'll listen to your story. We'll do whatever we can," Humter said.

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