Hometown Hero: Clinton Roebuck

- Each week, you choose someone who makes the community a better place, inspires young adults to be better, and has a positive impact on the Concho Valley community.

This week's Hometown Hero is Clinton Roebuck. Roebuck began serving others at  Glenmore Elementary School in Cub Scouts and Boy Scouts. After graduating from Central High School in 2006 he joined the Navy Reserves where he served for three years. In 2009, he became a police officer with SAPD where he is still employed. Four days a week, he works at the Carver Learning Center. He is married to Allyson Lowther Roebuck and has a stepson Tristan Chappa, 13, and daughter Georgia Roebuck, 5.

Clinton Roebuck, thanks for being our Hometown Hero.

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