Hit-and-Run Victim Remains Hospitalized

It's been a long recovery process for the 31-year-old San Angelo mother that was and dragged by a truck and trailer, on Knickerbocker road, a month ago.

Brandee Allen remains hospitalized; she hasn't seen her two young boys since she was critically injured in the hit-and-run. Allen's Doctors say she may never make a full recovery.

"Had I known what was going to happen I would've woken them up, and you know hug them and kiss them cause whenever I left I had no way of knowing that I would not see them in over a month," Allen said.

Aiden and Jasper's mom, Brandee Allen, has been enduring a difficult road to recovery, in a Dallas hospital, away from her family after she was the victim of a horrific hit-and-run, in June.

"If they were to see me with all the skin graphs and all the horrible horrible way my body looks right now, they would see a monster," Allen said.

The morning of June third, what began as a traffic accident on Knickerbocker Road, resulted in Allen becoming caught on the trailer and dragged several hundred feet before being run over by a truck trailer.

"That guy left me for dead on the side of the road," Allen said.

Allen was life-flighted to Parkland Memorial Hospital, with road rash all over her body, a broken pelvis, arm, leg and knee. In the past month, Allen has undergone several surgeries and skin grafts.

She's having to relearn how to stand and walk. She says her children are her inspiration, that they are her motivation to get discharged so her family can be whole again.

"I'm looking forward to getting out of here and seeing my kids," Allen said.

Allen's accident happened on her mother's 50th birthday, she says it's one of those life moments you'll never forget.

"For one thing, it's hard to imagine your child going through when it happened, being drug and dropped and run over. When her friend walked up she thought she was dead. All the pain, you just want to take it away from your child, if you could," Maricle said.

It's been a long road for Allen, and not one with an end in sight.

If you would like to help Allen and her family, a benefit fund is set-up at Concho Educators under Tammy Mericle's (mother) name.

The suspect in the hit-and-run crash, June third, has not yet been found. Police say, the vehicle was a tan-colored pick-up truck. Any information should be directed to San Angelo Police at 1-855-TIPS-247.

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