Higher water violations from '13

- As the City of San Angelo remains in drought level two with winter watering restrictions, we spoke with city employees in the Code Compliance Division.

Officers at the city's Code Compliance Division say the number of water-related violations has increased from this time last year.

"Couple of years ago, we weren't in the same situation that we're in now," stated Code Enforcement Officer, Rudy Ibarra.

Ibarra has been a Code Enforcement Officer for 14 years and, as the city's water supplies run low, two more officers are now helping enforce the city's water conservation rules.

"The biggest difference between two-years-ago and today is we have more code officers that are out there enforcing the rules," said Code Compliance Manager, James Flores.

Flores said the additional officers may be the reason more violators are being caught.  In 2011, only five officers covered the entire city.

"That was a change made - a definite needed change. Because with water, the violation could dry up or it could cease if it took us the next day or hours to get there," continued Flores.

In March of this year, officers wrote 32 water-related infractions...compared to 23 in March of last year. Officers said the goal is for residents to comply with regulations.

When the city's water supply gets to a one-year supply, the drought stage level three restrictions will take effect which will prohibit outside watering.

"Drought level 3 is a little more restrictive. There will be no outside watering. You can't fill or refill swimming pools," finished Ibarra.

In order to avoid a water violations, learn how much water you're allowed to use. One way to find out how much water your yard needs is simply filling up a tuna can and stop watering when it is done.

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