Grindstaff runs for SMD 5


Early voting is underway and we're continuing election coverage. Tonight, we look at the City Council Single Member District 5 race and hear from candidate Elizabeth Grindstaff.

The lack of water and what council can do to fix it is the focus of candidate Elizabeth Grindstaff's bid for Single Member District 5.

"Whether it's true or not, there is a perception in the public that this project has been slow. ... perhaps slower than necessary and I can't say that I know enough to speak definitively about that," stated Grindstaff. "But I think, regardless of the use of the Hickory water - how it's treated, where it's treated, those decisions have now been made and it's time to move on."

Currently, Grindstaff is the Vice President of Sales and Marketing at Texas Pacifico Railroad. Before accepting that position, she interned for the city of Dallas and worked for the cities of Hillsboro, Abilene, Bryan, and even the city of San Angelo where she served as the Assistant City Manager.

"I think I have an interesting set of qualifications. I worked in municipal government for 24 years. So, I understand how the organization works," continued Grindstaff.

If elected, Grindstaff said she hopes San Angelo will adopt its first conservation ethic and research reclaimed water.

"We have communities using affluent water. Why the city has not pursued that, I do not know. I would love to hear that," finished Grindstaff.

She said she hopes voters remember water is key in the city of San Angelo and her experience both in the public and private sector before voting.

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