Grand Slam Prom-posal

It is Prom season here in San Angelo, and for Central High School Seniors the big day is only three weeks away.

One young man hit it out of the park when he planned his prom-posal.

The pressure is on for those young men to ask that special someone to escort them to the prom, and hope they don't strike out.

"I was like may he's not going to ask me to prom. Maybe he just expects me to go with hi, but it was perfect," said Central High School Senior, Bethany Balderas.

Rapper Kanye West broadcast his proposal to celebrity Kim Kardashian for the world to witness. That's where Central High School Senior, Nick Barron, got the grand idea to ask his girlfriend of nine months, Bethany Balderas, to the prom.

"Yeah this will take it, this will take the trophy home hopefully," Barron said.

Ordinarily young ladies may get asked out to prom through social media or with a creative sign, but when Nick planned to ask out Beth to the prom he wanted to knock it out of the ballpark.

As their families secretly watched in the press box, Nick escorted Bethany into Foster Field onto the diamond for what looked like an evening picnic. 

"She's my best friend since Freshman year and we decided this year we'd date. It's been the best with her, and I definitely have a blast with her," Barron said.

As the video board displayed dozens of photos, the tear-jerking presentation loaded the bases and Nick's final message was the Grand Slam asking Bethany to the prom.

"I said yes," Balderas said.

"She said yes...thank God. I was a little worried about that," Barron said.

"It turned out to be the best; honestly, I don't think anyone can top it," Balderas said.

Just like a perfect game, it will never be forgotten.

"It's the sweetest thing anyone has done for me," Balderas said.

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