Goodfellow responds after Ft Hood shooting


The following statement is from a Goodfellow Airforce Base spokesperson in regards to the tragic shooting at Ft. Hood Wednesday.

KLST and KSAN will continue updating coverage as information is released.

Like the rest of America, the Airmen, Soldiers, Sailors, Marines and Coastguardsmen assigned to Goodfellow wish to express our heartfelt sympathies for the victims of yesterday's Fort Hood shooting and their families.

An active shooter scenario similar to the one at Fort Hood could happen
anywhere in the U.S., either on or off a military installation.  While we
will not discuss specifics of our security posture here at Goodfellow, our
base defense personnel have different security postures and random measures
which can be implemented during periods of heightened threat.  Additionally,
all base personnel periodically conduct training and exercises which
familiarize all personnel with procedures which would be implemented during
an active shooter situation. 

As always, our primary concern is for the safety of service personnel,
civilian employees, retirees and dependents who live and work on the base,
and we undertake all reasonable measures, in accordance with federal law and
Department of Defense guidance, to prevent any type of threat from gaining
access to our base or our facilities.

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