Girl, 12, dead after ATV accident

- A Midland resident, 12-year-old girl, Anayavilet Almazan, tragically is dead after an accident that sent her and several other children, one as young as three-years-old, to Shannon Medical Center.

We spoke with Tom Green County Sheriff, David Jones, about what happened.

"This is simply a tragedy that happened and, uh, one that's preventable. So, we hope that residents will, um, be careful when they let young children drive recreational vehicles like that," stated Jones.

A 12 year-old girl, Anayavilet Almazan, is dead and three other children, ages three, four, and seven-years-old, were injured after a 2011 Polaris Ranger rolled over at least once Saturday evening. The accident happened at El Escondrijo Ranch. Almazan was driving the ATV and a total of eight people were on the vehicle.

Sheriff Jones said this horrific tragedy was avoidable.

"i believe the one that was there, that they were operating on, has three fit seats... probably the maximum you should have would be six. But, they type that they were using is a high profiled vehicle and does turn over rather easily," said Jones.

Some of the passengers on the vehicle were related. Jones said it looks like the group was vacationing south of Grape Creek from Midland.

"The ranch is a hunting and recreational ranch and.... I think they were there just for an outing from Midland," continued Jones.

Witnesses said the driver was heading back to the lodge when she lost control.

"Witnesses at the scene stated the driver was heading northbound, along the dirt road on the ranch, headed back to the lodge, when the driver lost control of the Ranger," finished Jones.

The three children are no longer in the hospital. The crash is still under investigation.

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