Free trial breakfast to all students


Lincoln Middle School is launching a new trial program which parents and students alike are expected to appreciate.

A new pilot program is being rolled out at Lincoln Middle School and Principal Merl Brandon said it is promising to feed more students.

"All students will be able to eat free," stated Brandon.

The district is looking at moving the program into middle schools after feedback from parents of elementary students, where a similar program has already taken affect.

"A mother, she called and she was just in tears and she said, 'I can't thank you enough for your district making breakfast available to every student. I'm a single mom, I work the night shift, my elderly mother-who is not in good health-takes care of my children. I've been worrying myself sick and you just took a huge burden off my shoulders'," described SAISD Food Services Director, Kim Carter.

According to Principal Brandon, the goal of the free breakfast program is to remove barriers.

"Thinking about-you know-what barriers would keep a child from eating and whether that's social, emotional, economic…whatever it is, we just want to remove all those things," continued Brandon.

Carter said the menu plan will continue to be healthy and full of grains and fruits. However, she also admitted the students do have a favorite breakfast dish.

"Actually, their favorite is pancake-on-a-stick and we have that and we have sausage rolls and we've incorporated a lot of fresh fruit as well too," Carter said.

While Lincoln Middle School's pilot program is aimed at helping 200 students, at least hundreds of others are expected to benefit as well.

"I really think it will impact more than the 200 because your reduced are still having to pay some amount of money," finished Carter.

The SAISD is still working on the menu and hopes, if this trial program is successful, to look at more permanent options.

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