Four-Year-Old Uses Chainsaw to Free Pinned Father

(WPBN) A Bear Lake, Michigan man has his 4-year-old son to thank for saving his life.

Grant Groenwald was pinned under a tree on their property and the boy was his only hope.

Shortly after Groenwald started cutting up a fallen branch in their backyard, something went wrong.

"The whole thing rolled down on top of me. It hit me in the shoulder and I have an elbow and knocked me off balance. I was trying to get away from it but I couldn't get away fast enough," recalled Groenwald.

He was pinned under a massive branch. Quillan was up the hill, out of the way of the tree when it happened. His dad called out to him for help.

"I said I need your help. Daddy's pinned," said Groenwald. "He said I can't dad I can't help you. I said you've got to. You're the only person I've got. You're my only savior."

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