Fort Concho Acquires Dozens of 1800s Letters

-          Historians at Fort Concho are getting incredible insight into the day to day life of military families living at the fort in the 1800s.
      They recently acquired, via Ebay of all places, three dozen letters handwritten by Alice Grierson. She was the wife of then post commander Colonel Benjamin Grierson. The letters were written in the 1870s and provide a vivid glimpse into the life of the Griersons, including their social life, bouts with sickness, and daily activities.
    One letter from Alice to her son at west point describes in heart breaking detail the death of a child.
    Fort historians will spend the coming months scanning and transcribing the letters. Evelyn Lemons, a historian with the fort, spoke with us about the significance.
       "The original letters will be kept safe but they need to be made available to researchers. There is a wealth of information. There is so much detail in the letters that Alice wrote, about life at Fort Concho. Things that we suspected happened, things that we knew in our heart happened, but now we have written proof."
       The fort is planning a very special display of the letters during the Christmas at old Fort Concho event. Some letters focus on Christmastime with the Griersons.

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