Fmr councilman runs for SMD 3

- Election day is Saturday and we are wrapping up candidate profiles with a look at former City Councilman Richard C. Bastardo, Sr. who is running for Single Member District 3.
"They're playing catch-up football now," stated Bastardo.

After being out of office for over a decade, candidate Richard C. Bastardo, Sr. is running for City Council District 3. He said he decided to run after being frustrated by what he calls a lack of progress in council.

"Well, I continue to see the same old thing. You know, I'm continuing to see that the city council is not getting it done. (The council is) not moving the city forward," continued Bastardo. "There's always turmoil and disarray... You've got arguments down there."

If elected, Bastardo said he will focus on replacing old parts in city streets and highlight an issue all residents care about... water.

"Every time they go in there and work on the infrastructure when it comes to the water distribution center or even the streets they're just using the bandaid procedure," Bastardo stated.

As a former planning commissioner, commissioner at HUD, and member of the board of directors at the appraisal district Bastardo said his experience will help him prioritize what needs to happen at city council.

"Prioritize your problems and work at them one-by-one. Don't just throw things up against the wall and hope they stick," finished Bastardo.

Bastardo said he he hopes more voters in his district, District 3, get out and vote Saturday.

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