Fmr city employee charged with theft

- A former city employee, Diana Farris, is charged with theft and is accused of stealing thousands of taxpayer dollars.
Diana Farris is a former Property Manager in the city's Real Estate division. Farris is accused of taking eight customer cash payments bound for the city's bank account between September of last year and May of this year and not depositing them in the city's bank account. She is charged with theft of between $1,500 and $20,000.

San Angelo Police Chief Tim Vasquez said thousands are missing from the city's bank account.

"We were contacted immediately upon the discovery that there was some missing funds. We took over the investigation," said Tim Vasquez. "Obviously, it went very, very quickly. The auditor had provided quite a bit of information. They went back five years and.. um... the total amount was just over $8,000."

SAPD investigated the allegations for two weeks before pressing charges. Vasquez said investigations usually require more time.

"These investigations can be very, very difficult. We were fortunate that the auditor did all that he needed to do.... uh... that allowed the case and the investigation to move along very, very quickly," continued Vasquez.

Police said Farris took the cash payments and provided receipts; but, never deposited the money.

Vasquez said Farris was fired in May after working for the city for at least five years.

"She'll go, uh, through...I don't believe she had a criminal record uh.... so... more than likely there would be a plea agreement... possibly restitution...those types of things," finished Vasquez.

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