Floyd runs for county judge

- After three months in office, incumbent Steve Floyd is running for county judge. Floyd said living in Tom Green County is a family tradition.

"I'm the third of 5 generations in my family that are here," said Floyd.

Floyd believes the real challenge as county judge is keeping Tom Green county's small-town charm amidst the oil surge, increased traffic, and influx of people.

"I think the challenge is going to be…is to take advantage of those opportunities. None of us like our children moving to Dallas or any place to still maintain our quality of life here," stated Floyd.

The county judge has a bigger stake in residents' lives than many may realize.

"The existence of counties is based around district court," continued Floyd.

He said he's well aware of the challenges as county judge and believes his years of experience as a justice of the peace qualify him for this position.

"My background is 13 years as justice of the peace," explained Floyd.

Floyd hopes voters remember his qualifications and experience when voting.

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