Fireworks sales higher at local busi

- For this Fourth of July weekend, fireworks are legal in Tom Green County and that is turning into big sales for area fireworks stands.

From firecrackers, rockets, to artillery shells, it is clear Mr.W's Fireworks store is ready for July 4th.

Already this week at Mr.W's, fireworks sales are higher than last year's July Fourth weekend. The operator, JoAnn Landers, said she expects to stay busy.

"We've seen about a 15% increase in business so far; but, we expect for that to definitely increase because about 75% of our business will come on July 3rd and 4th," said Landers.

Mr.W's is introducing three new items for this year's fourth.

"Our biggest new item is called the War Zone. It's an all-in-one, big display and we've got also a War Field which is single-shot, aerial... and we also have what's called Jaugire Bullets and it's 9 light it once and it also will shoot up with lots of noise and lots of color," explained Landers.

Mr. W's Firework store is a candy store for children and adults alike and shoppers are already preparing for the July 4th weekend.

At his office, Commissioner Bill Ford is busy preparing. He said the other side of the fourth celebration is the clean up.

"It's really a privilege for people to fire the fireworks; but, with that privilege comes responsibility," Ford said. "We would like that responsibility to clean up the trash."

So, as you celebrate Independence Day, Ford asks you to remember to clean up the trash.

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