Fire Damages South Side Golden Chick

-      A fast food restaurant in south San Angelo was closed today, after sustaining damage in an overnight fire.
      Emergency crews arrived at the Golden Chick on Knickerbocker around 1:00 am, after someone reported seeing fire coming from the building.
      Fire fighters gained entry through the front door and were initially unable to locate the source of the fire. There was water flooding the restaurant and smoke in the building. Firefighters on the roof found the flames confined to a roof space.      They were able to put the small fire out before it spread into the building. Fire Marshall's Karla Steppe spoke with us about the cause.
     "In that location is where the neon sign is and I did observe damage to one of the insullators so all the indicators point to electrical."
    Steppe says the flooding was from melted wire lines in the ceiling. There were no injuries reported.

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