Financial Aide for College

- When applying to attend a college or university the first thought may be, "Can I afford it?" Luckily there are options for students. With the start of the fall semester rapidly approaching it's good to know it's not too late to apply for financial aide.

"It's never too late. That being said we do have a March 15th priority filing deadline. It's not a 'we can't award you after that date' it's a deadline that students who apply before March 15th we package those groups and we award them first," ASU Financial Aide Director William Bloom said.

Bloom says the importance of filing before March 15th is that the Pell Grant can be awarded regardless of when a student applies. However, state and institutional grants have limited funds so those grants are awarded first. For those who fear ineligibility for grants, but receive good grades a scholarship may be for you.
"Where federal aide is typically need based most of our scholarships are merit based we have the Carr Scholarship and this year we are offering an Earned In, if you didn't get a Carr  Scholarship initially when applying for ASU, hit some home runs with your classes you can earn in and still receive one," Bloom said.

Blood added that if you plan to attend ASU during the upcoming semester, file now. Complete and submit your application for financial aide and you'll receive help in getting funds for your education.

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