Family Rebuilds Home Claimed By Fire

A Carlsbad family lost their home to a fire two years ago; now, with the kindness of their loved ones and even complete strangers their new home is as they say "bigger and better" than they expected.

It may have taken a bit longer than desired, but the McMillan's choose to laugh at their struggles and  be thankful for their blessings.

Connie Gonzalez has their story...

For 9-year-old Tucker McMillan, it's his best friend and puppy, "Jack".

"He pees on the ground, he rips stuff, he means a lot, he's my family," Tucker said.

For Tate, it's privacy in his own room. I've just been able to look back and see what I did have, and what's come to me even bigger. Plus, I don't have to hear my brother snore when we go to sleep," Tate said.

Amy says it's the over-sized bathroom and her new walk-in closet. "I think God is very sweet to us, and something that was meant for harm, he turns into good," Amy said. "I have the biggest bathtub you can find, even before the house was done I would come sit in it."

For Patrick, his family says it's his "retirement" they found untouched in a rubber maid container. "Only the top of it had scorch marks on it, but it didn't even smell like smoke," Tate said.

But the man of the house says it's the memories of their old home of 15-years. The home that burned to the ground, that's what he's most appreciative for about this new four-bedroom home.

"There's actually areas in this new house that I can stand in and I can still sense the old house," Patrick said.

Originally the McMillan family purposed to  be in their new home in only nine-months; now, two years later and as they say for double the trouble, they were gifted with double the blessing.

This close-knit family thought all was destroyed in the flames, but a few "little things" stand strong.

"Almost like when you couldn't take anymore and there's a picture found in a tree somewhere. It was just what they needed, when they needed it," Amy said.

From the roof over their heads to the tiles on the floor, the Carlsbad community opened their hearts up to help the McMillan's.

"It makes you feel really good knowing that all the time that you've done something for somebody else, that it wasn't null-and-void," Patrick said.

The McMillan family had to rebuild their lives, and now one thing is for sure.

"We decided we were going to stay away from all things hot and fire for awhile, so we didn't think we needed a fire place after we had a fire," Amy said.

From a nine-month "red-neck stay-cation" to a "house-cooling party," as they say, "you either laugh or you cry."

"We could laugh at the troubles because we knew what our promise was," Patrick said.

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