Emotional Day at the TGC Courthouse

It's been a busy week at the Tom Green County courthouse, as jurors decided the fate of two Concho Valley men.

It's been an emotional day at the Tom Green County Courthouse. After four hours of deliberation Wednesday, a Tom Green County jury found Matthew Salazar guilty of murdering his wife Heather Salazar, last year. The sentencing phase began around four Wednesday afternoon, the jury is deciding the punishment for 32-year-old Salazar.

On August 31st, 2013, Matthew Salazar traveled to his friend, Bradley Floyd's home in Grape Creek, where Salazar found Floyd and his wife Heather, together.
Floyd testified, Tuesday, that he and Heather Salazar had been having an affair for two weeks.

Salazar took the stand in his own defense and acknowledged that he shot Heather and Bradley with a .45 caliber, but stated that when he entered the residence that day he did not intend on injuring or killing anyone. Heather died due to injuries sustained in the shooting. Floyd was shot in the arm.

Wednesday afternoon, after a Tom Green County jury deliberated for four hours, they found 32-year-old Matthew Salazar guilty of murder.

Wednesday night, the jury continues to deliberate the fate of 32-year-old Matthew Salazar. Salazar is facing five years to life in prison.

Moving along to the trial of 47-year-old Allen Lee Schmidt. A Tom Green County jury found Schmidt guilty of manslaughter, and after deliberating for over 3 hours, Wednesday, Schmidt has been sentenced to ten years of probation.

On the night of March 9th, last year, Allen Lee Schmidt helped another man push a broken down truck into the middle of Christoval Road, outside the Party Ranch Bar. A motorcycle driven by Sergeant Donald Di Pietro, a 28-year-old Goodfellow instructor, collided with the vehicle in the roadway. Di Pietro died of injuries sustained in the collision.

Tuesday, Schmidt said he used bad judgment, but was taught to help others.

A Tom Green County jury found Schmidt guilty of manslaughter, and sentenced him to 10 years probation.
In addition to the ten year probation sentence, the Tom Green County jury assessed a fine of ten-thousand dollars.

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