Eldorado Ranch Owner Constructs Tribute to Lone Star State

- Texas history buff Jim Runge has had some pretty eccentric ideas over the years, but nothing compares to his latest project. Just west of Eldorado on the T 9 C Ranch, Runge, has created a thirty acre outline of the state of Texas out of limestone rocks entirely by hand.

"It's been five years so I started in '09 and I'm not...I'll never be finished because I'm gonna keep adding keep widening. Eventually I'd like to clear all the mesquite and all the prickly pear out of the center. So that when you see it from the sky you'll not only see the rocks, but you'll see a blank Texas space there. I figure it'll take the rest of my life before I get it like I want it," T 9 C Ranch Owner Jim Runge said.

Circling over the T 9 C Ranch by small airplane cloud cover made the Texas eastern coastline difficult to see, however, to the left of the ranch house the West Texas and Panhandle outline are clearly seen within the ranch property.

"It's been fun and it ties in with my love of Texas history and Texas and anything Texas and so it's coming along. It's my most epic project and something that I can do for the rest of my life," Runge said.

Runge says now with the basic outline complete he will focus on emphasizing the border for better aerial visibility and placing objects to illustrate Texas cities and regional landmarks.

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