Easingwood runs for County Judge

- Richard Easingwood is running for Tom Green County Judge. He said, his main concern is water.

 "The water situation is on the crucial level now…I've always been involved with water. I served on the San Angelo River Corridor Commission for three years as a commissioner, but I also served three years as a  chairman of that committee," stated Easingwood.

On February 13th, an article in a newspaper came out and-in Easingwood's opinion-failed to mention he's been involved in the county for almost three decades.

"I'm the most qualified to be our next county judge. I know how to put together groups and committees. I worked on groups and committees. I've been chairman of groups and committees," Easingwood said.

As a former three-term county commissioner, Easingwood believes teamwork is key.

 "I also met and have some great relationships with other county commissioners and other county judges throughout the whole state of Texas," continued Easingwood.

Easingwood wanted to remind voters his main concern is water and voting for the primaries has already begun.

 "I'm running for the Tom Green County judge position. I can only get there when the people of our city and our county turn out to vote," explained Easingwood.

Just like his involvement in the recirculating tank and the educational waterfall near the art museum still affects residents today, Easingwood said he feels our decisions now will influence generations to come.

"We've got some things in front of us. The next three, five, ten, twenty-years down the road that the plans and the things we put together right now will determine how well those outcomes come out," finished Easingwood.

Easingwood felt his experience as a veteran and former restaurant owner helps him understand where voters are coming from.

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