Drought Cont Plan may increase to 4 levels

- Since the 1980's, the plan has always had three levels or stages. City staff members will present ordinance changes next week that will make the city's drought stages more restrictive.
The Equalization Channel at Twin Buttes is flowing between the South and North Pools and more than 15-thousand-acre-feet of water is expected to fill the pools.

Next week, council members will discuss changing the city's Drought Contingency Plan and increasing it to four levels.

"I would be in favor of maybe tweaking the months of when we go to each and maybe add a fourth level," stated San Angelo Mayor, Dwain Morrison.

Right now, there are three drought stage levels. The strictest, at stage three,  prohibits outside watering when the city's water supply drops below 12 months.

Mayor Morrision said he would like to see a balance between city water use and drought stage restrictions.

"We need to find a balance there where we can still sell water and we can stay in the black in our water fund and we can still maintain our lakes," continued Morrison.

At Twin Buttes, the Assistant Water Utilities Director, Kevin Krueger, said he is still measuring the rising water level.

"We're trying to get a good tabulation on the amount of water that has been captured," explained Kevin Krueger. "You know, what our combined total water supply is and that's definitely going to impact what drought level we're in. We just... at this point, we're not sure exactly ...the exact impact."

Krueger said the water department should have all the available numbers and information by the end of the week.... that way they can make a better presentation for council this Tuesday.

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