Dr: No cases of cyclospora in SA yet

- There is a Texas outbreak of cyclospora. It is a stomach bug that can turn deadly and doctors are looking for a solution. So far, Shannon physicians said they have not seen any cases; but, that could always change.

"Most of the time they'll just, eventually, get over it. But, again, some people don't," stated M.D. Derrill Stuart.

The resurfacing of a stomach bug, cyclospora, has doctors reminding patients of the basics... such as washing fruits and vegetables before eating.

"The largest outbreak that we've had in the United States really had a couple of hundred cases in Texas; so, anytime we eat fruits and vegetables that come from around the world. This bug could be a contaminant," continued Stuart.

Doctor Stuart said neither he nor other Shannon Medical Center doctors have seen decisive proof the bug, which causes watery diarrhea, muscle aches, and stomach cramps has come to San Angelo.

"I have not seen any and I have not talked with any other physicians who've seen any specific, defininetly diagnosed cases here in San Angelo," continued Stuart.

The bug takes about seven days before it can cause diarrhea. Stuart recommends waiting at least three days for the watery diarreah to dissipate before seeing a physician.

"I would say... going any earlier than that is, basically, a waste of money," explained Stuart.

He said patients shouldn't be too concerned if they are healthy; but, if they have bloody diarrhea, severe pain, or a chronic illness then see the physician.

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