Dozens worship at pray for rain event

- San Angelo residents are finishing worshiping after praying for rain nearly all day at the River Stage Downtown.

Twenty minutes into the event this morning, it began to drizzle. Some attendees could not be more excited to have rain.

"I think he's loving it. He's getting into the music. You feeling it Eliah? Yeah," stated one attendee.

Dozens of residents were holding each other, lifting hands to God, and singing as they pray for rain.

"I think it's monumental. If you notice, tonight...they're talking about how San Angelo came about and stuff....I feel like we're taking a stand for the kingdom of heaven pretty much," stated worship band member, William Bowhay.

The all day pray for rain event began at 9 a.m. and ended at 9 p.m. The worship style is based on a harp and bowl philosophy where Christians switch between praying and singing.

"It's called harp and bowl.... we're excited about it to get more people to God," continued Bowhay.

Twenty minuted into the event, it began to rain. Christian band member William Bowhay said it was encouraging to see the rain.

"To see that God is not this far off being and that he lives inside of us... even by the drops of rain this morning," Bowhay said.

Mother Angelica Hayes and her one-year-old son have enjoyed the drizzle of rain. She said her family will continue to pray for rain.

"We're looking for more to come. There's got to be more to come," finished Hayes.

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