Day camp celebrates 36th year

- For 36 years, West Texas Rehab has hosted a three day day camp for children with disabilities. The kids age from 3 to 12 years old and are chosen on a first come first serve basis.

Laughter and squeals fill the air as West Texas Rehab campers kick their way across the pool. For these rehab patients, many of which face physical and developmental disabilities, this is the perfect chance for them to enjoy the summer-time staple: camp.

"The kids eyes light up as soon as they get off the bus," stated West Texas Rehab Marketing Director, Susan Cline.

Camp volunteer Pierce Plueger is a junior at Shriners University and he is considering pursuing occupational therapy. For years, he attended the camp as a kid. He said he remembers being in their shoes like it was yesterday.

"It's a little different being on this side for sure. I was in their place several years ago and it's big and fun and sometimes a little nerve wracking," said Plueger.

Tuesday, Plueger manned the arts and craft station. One of the projects included using a drill to make hanging crosses. He values the opportunity to help the campers.

"So, to drill two holes into the craft, if the didn't want to hold the drill and push the button... if those that were a little nervous about it... I would say 'I'll do this one first and then you can do the next one'," explained Plueger.

Whether campers are bouncing on the inflatables, enjoying the petting zoo, or practicing archery with an assigned buddy....Plueger said  he thinks this camp allows the children to relax and relate to each other.

"They definatly have come up to me and I think, maybe, me being in a wheelchair helps them kinda relate ... being able to see people for who they really are," finished Plueger.

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