Crockett County Grateful for New Driver License Office

- After a five year absence the City of Ozona now has a brand new driver license office. After the original facility was closed Crockett County residents were required to travel to Sonora or San Angelo for new licenses and renewals.

"This community has responded wonderfully to this because they have all in that period of time had to go get their drivers license renewed at least one time for the people to be away from business and work is at least three hours per trip our local community has responded wonderfully to this because they do not have to drive to get their driver license renewed," Crockett County Judge Fred Deaton.

Judge Deaton added that when residents were required to travel it cost them an estimated eighty thousand dollars per year not to have a local office. Presenting a needs assessment plan to the Crockett County district senator during legislative sessions the need for a local office was recognized and has been well received.

"A big thank you to the Department of Public Safety for seeing our need and realizing that they needed a drivers license here and for putting one here we thank them very much. We thank the people and the citizens of Ozona and Crockett County for their patience in waiting for this drivers license office to get here," Deaton said.

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