Cowboys Player Visits with CMN Kids

Many of our Children's Miracle Network kids received a once in a lifetime visit from Dallas Cowboys Wide Receiver, Dwayne Harris. Harris spent his Saturday in San Angelo, fundraising for the hospital.

You may recognize him in a helmet and pads, wearing jersey number 17 for "America's Team." Dallas Cowboys Wide Receiver, Dwayne Harris, is taking time away from Organized Team Activity, or OTA's, to support the Children's Miracle Network at Shannon Medical Center.

Clinton Harris, a miracle kid, says he stayed awake all night long looking forward to meeting a player from his favorite NFL team.

"It was cool. I haven't got to meet a Dallas Cowboy yet," Harris said.

Harris says, he played Dwayne Harris on the video game "Madden," but Saturday the two shared a life-changing conversation.

"It was exciting, like there was a lot of stuff he talked about football that I didn't know," Harris said.

After Dwayne Harris visit with several miracle kids at Shannon, fans lined up outside a local bar to meet the Atlanta native.

Marketing Coordinator, Hope Barron, says all money raised through photos and autographs benefit the Children's Miracle Network.

"Our miracle kids just range from all different ages and all different diseases or complications or anything like that," Barron said.

Children's Miracle Network serves thousands of kids in the Concho Valley.

"We know there's a huge Cowboy fan base here in San Angelo, and we thought this would be a great opportunity. It's a great opportunity for our kids to be involved in something like that, and then also come out. Not very often does a Dallas Cowboy come to town," Barron said.

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