Councilman Vardeman for Precinct 3

- City Councilman for District 4, Don Vardeman, is running for County Commissioner Precinct 3. While Vardeman has not been a councilman for even a year, he feels the change is necessary.

"The reason that I want to change office really is not that I want to change office. I ran for city council not knowing the county seat was open and I was only planning on running one time for city council as it was," stated Vardeman.

During his time as councilman, Vardeman has maintained the importance of saving taxpayers' dollars. If elected as a county commissioner, he plans to use his 15 years of experience on the San Angelo Independent School District Board and his connections as councilman to save taxpayers' monies.

"If the city buys 10 pieces of paper, the county busy 10 pieces of paper, and the school district buys 10…if we buy 30 altogether, it will probably save us money," continued Vardeman.

What sets Vardeman apart from his opponent is, in Vardeman's opinion, his way of thinking.

"One of the things that I think I bring is thinking outside the box. I want to coordinate and build a partnership between the school board and the city council," Vardeman said.

While starting teamwork between the entities may be hard, Vardeman believes he can get the SAISD trustees, council members, and commissioners to work together.

"It's three different entities…It's three sets of different officials… It's three different things that I feel good about," explained Vardeman.

Vardeman said he thinks the three entities can unite on other issues as well.

"One of the big things that the county does is build roads. If we can unify with the county…I think we can have some tremendous savings there," said Vardeman.

Vardeman said he encourages voters to go vote in the March 4th primary.

"People on the county commissioner, city council, school board trustees can get in your pocket faster than the president," finished Vardeman.

Early voting began Tuesday and, with less than two weeks till primary, Vardeman said every vote matters.

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