Council may adopt light ordinance

- Tyler Pitrat has been calling the city for...

"About two years," stated Pitrat.

All concerning a light that brightly shines on the water and hits her house.

"I had to move my bedroom across the hall because the light would literally just shine straight into that window," explained Pitrat.

City Director of Neighborhood and Family Services, Bob Salas, said currently the city cannot do anything to protect its residents from light intrusion.

"We send a code compliance officer to try and mitigate the situation…which amounts to asking the offender to-basically- turn off the lights. But, there are times where the neighbor decides that he does not want to comply and there's nothing we can do," Salas said.

That would all change if the city chooses to adapt San Angelo's first light ordinance.

"Council wants us to look at an ordinance that would actually provide some teeth to enforcement," continued Salas.

The light ordinance would set up a system which would eventually fine violators.

"If they do not comply within a certain amount of time, we'll issue a citation and there will be a penalty," confirmed Salas.

While a monetary amount has not yet been set, Salas said the fines could be quite costly. It is planned as a preventative measure.

"If this passes, then we have place where we can actually go out and try to do something about light intrusion," finished Salas.

Nearly two years later, Pitrat is relieved to soon have a resolution and is excited to enjoy the quiet without the intrusive light.

"I would be excited to sit on the dock with my neighbor and guests and know that... sometime in the future... they'll be able to sheild their light and we can sit out and enjoy it," Pitrat stated.

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