Council: approves waste mgmt talks

- "Yes, it is," stated District 1 Councilman Rodney Fleming.

"But, when you look at the main points- it doesn't seem you put in the right amount of time to use," countered resident Charles Young.

Young and others said they feel like council members did not take enough time to consider an alternative waste management company to handle the city of San Angelo's trash and operate the landfill.

Young and Councilman Fleming had a heated discussion.
"It seems like that is a tragically short time frame for something as important as this, as expensive as this, and something that has taken 37 years to get to this point," said Young.

Mayor Morrison had to step in after several residents protested council's actions and, what they call, a lack of transparancy regarding Republic Services' multimillion dollar proposal for the city's trash service.

"So, it is not public information," Morrison said.

The City's Assistant Operations Director is in charge of negotiations. He said, contrary to residents' opinions, three councilmembers - Councilwoman Farmer, Councilman Fleming, and Councilman Wardlaw, had almost two weeks to study proposals from Republic Services and Texas Disposal Systems. Right now, Republic has the current city trash contract.

"An actually it's been a week-and-four-days," explained Operations Director, Shane Kelton.

Kelton said if negotiations on the Republic Services proposal for a ten year contract are not completed soon, than city officials will begin negotiating with Texas Disposal Systems. Residents said they do not feel that is good enough.

"What concerns me the most is the cursory overview of this contract process. To take on something this important, and reach the conclusion... concerns me a little bit," continued Young.

Council is requiring Republic Services to complete negotiations within a month and appear before council at that time with a complete agreement.

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