Council approves Republic Services contract

- In a very close vote Tuesday, city council members approved a new, 10 year solid waste contract with Republic Services. Residential trash pickup will go from twice a week to once a week with a second pickup for recyclables.

Tuesday, by a close vote of 4 to 3, council approved 2 trash contracts with Republic Services. Before council voted, dozens of San Angeloans voiced their opinions on the contract with Republic Services.

"I think Republic Services is an outstanding business entity. They do a great job at what they do," stated one business owner.

"I feel like we might have been a little bamboozled here. So, I ask that, as a council, you wait until they have this thing re-written," Top Septic Services business owner said.

Under the new contract, residential trash pickups will go from twice a week to once a week and, for the first time, residents will have the option of once a week recycling pickup and quarterly bulk pick up. New trash carts will be provided free of charges to residents with the first bulk pick up scheduled for the fall.

Single Member District 1 Councilman Rodney Fleming said what set Republic Services apart from the other bidder, Texas Disposal Systems, was Republic's acceptance of the landfield liability. This frees over $3,000,000 in the city's general fund.

"One was taking responsibility for the landfield and that was really the main difference between the two contracts.... is republic actually took responsibility for the landfield," explained Fleming.

Residential customer's total monthly solid waste bill, including tax, will increase with the new contract almost four dollars to $15.12 and commercial garbage collection rates will increase by 2.9% every October. The new contract begins August 1st. 

Council also discussed updating several additional trash-related fees. This will need to have a separate hearing before the ordinance changes are adapted.

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