Council approves higher trash fees

- San Angelo city council members Tuesday approved new increased fees for residential trash collection that will go up by almost $4.00 a month.  Commercial garbage collection rates will also increase.

"I want this council to consider extending the contract for Republic for 6 months until we get all this information out to the public," stated resident Harry Thomas.

Admid much public discussion, council approved the increased trash collection fees for both residential and commercial customers. 

Councilwoman Charlotte Farmer said the public outcry against Republic Services' trash contract and the increased fees came too late.

"Mr. Valenzuela has been working on this ever since he's been here... which is almost 12 months; so, that has been the opportunity and time for the public to sign petitions," Farmer declared. "This rush after it's already been voted on is a little too late."

The approval was well-timed. If it had not been approved Tuesday, the city manager says the city would have asked Republic for an extension.

"I really don't want to speak for them... I know they work very well with us and there is an option to ... um... possibly extend the contract and that would be at their agreement," City Manager, Daniel Valenzuela stated.
The new fees will take effect August 1st, the new base fee for once-a-week residential trash pickup increases to $13.97 ....which also covers the additional charge for quarterly bulk pick up. Also, in place of the second trash pickup weekly, residents will have a recyclable pickup.

If the city does not produce 500 tons of recyclables monthly, residents will be charged an additional $.50 per month.

"The basic fee will go to $13.97. there will be some taxes that will be added to this; so, the average customer's bill ought to be $15. 12 per month. So, it is a little higher than it was," Mayor Dwain Morrison finished.

Initially, you will not able to leave any glass for recycling because Republic Services has not built a materials recycling facility.

City officials could not say when that facility would be ready.

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