Contractor may not fix $ 1.7M problem

- City officials said the Irving, Texas company that paved city streets last year has still not agreed to re-pave streets considered "faulty".

To prove their case, the city hired a consultant to test the asphalt and potentially help determine liability.

"I think it needs a lot of work because you go bumpty-bump," stated resident, Angela Delgado.

In February, we reported on problems with the 1.7-million-dollar seal coat job by  Brannan Paving Company, LTD.

Months later and after a face-to-face meeting and three letters, the City Engineer said the city is no closer to a resolution.

"He's not going to come and do it easily I guess. He's going to make sure he's 100% libel for it," Karl Bednarz said.

The dispute between Brennan Paving Company and the City of San Angelo all comes down to the way the road looks. After a couple of months, it is already falling apart.

"The asphalt we show failed. The contractor is still questioning those results," explained Bednarz.

Landlord Claudia Meza owns several local properties. She said it upsets her to think her money is being wasted.

"It makes me very angry because I own a lot of properties in San Angelo and that's a lot of my money going to the streets and they're not being repaired," Meza said.

We contacted Brennan Paving Company and they did not have a comment. On the company web site, owners said they have more than 50 years of experience.

The city said it is the contractors job to determine how much asphalt should be used on a seal-coating job and type of asphalt, along with the condition of the road.
There is a one-year warranty on the work between the city and Brannan Paving Company.

"It needs to be directed within that one-year period," Bednarz stated. "So, even if we go past the one-year, it's still his item to replace."

If Brannan Paving Company, LTD does not redo the seal coat on certain roads,  Bednarz said the city could have another contractor redo the work and bill Brannan Paving Company, LTD. The city has already paid $5,000 for a third party to test the asphalt.

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