Contractor blamed; streets falling apart

- A number of city streets were resurfaced by a South Texas paving company and, after hearing complaints from citizens about problems, city officials will meet with the contractor next week to get them repaired.

San Angelo Operations Director Shane Kelton said he and his crew are working to fix the problems with city streets after last fall's seal coating.

"We've noticed several issues for quite a while and they keep getting worse and worse and worse," stated Kelton.

City PIO Anthony Wilson said Brannan Paving Company in South Texas did the job. The problem was first noticed throughout the city after the seal coat started coming apart within two months.

"We started within-probably 60 days after- the initial application noticing that the rocks started coming lose and started to lose adherence…the rocks started breaking down…crushing and dusting," continued Kelton.

Irving Street is one of the many roads where the taxpayers did not receive the product paid for and the city is trying to make sure it will.

"Anytime that you pay for a project…you want that product and we didn't get it so we're just trying to work to get the product that we paid for," said Kelton.

Kelton assured the contractor is working with the city to redo the faulty seal coat on certain streets.

"We have warranties with each contractor…every time we let out a bid…whether it be for seal coat or for complete reconstruction of a street…we have warranties that are industry standard…you know…we get a one-year-warranty on all products and defects," finished Kelton.

Irving Street is expected to be redone in a couple of months...when the weather gets warmer. Until then, residents are cautioned to be careful driving.

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