Construction a year behind

- Construction at San Angelo's Mathis Field has continued for more than two years and it is still behind schedule. It was supposed to be finished this month; but, the Airport Manager, Luis Elguezabal, said they are still in the first phase.
At the San Angelo Regional Airport, the new baggage claim equipment is ready to go. Workers just have to finish the claim area before passengers will be able to use it.

Elguezabal said the project should have been finished a year ago.

"We are a year behind. The project should've finished last year, last July of 2013," Elguezabal stated.

This 5.9-million-dollar project, which is funded by the federal government and developmental corporations, is still in the first phase of construction.

"We have not completed all the phases yet... or even phase one yet; however, we have completed part of the meet and greet area and the tunnel behind me... that allows a wonderful barrel look to the terminal," described Elguezabal.

What really threw a wrench in the project, was the discovery of conduits in the ceiling over the baggage claim area. Workers did not have the original plans for the airport built in 1955, and did not know they were there.

"From a 1955 building, we've had a lot of things that we've uncovered as we tear walls down and ceilings," Elguezabal explained.

This week, council members approved the fifth change order allowing the relocation of the main electrical lines and renovations for the car rental counter area. Yet, Elguezabal said, that does not justify why the construction is so behind schedule.

"We have worked with Templeton (Construction) numerous times. We have increased their facing project," said Elguezabal. "This is a faced project and we've been able to give them enough space to work without delays."

Elguezabal said crews are working five days a week to finish the project.

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