Comm'r sponsors controversial resolution

On Tuesday's Tom Green County Commissioner's agenda is a resolution regarding unaccompanied minors present in Texas without authorization. It is in response to the recent influx of illegal alien minors coming into Texas from Central America.

Precinct 3 Commissioner Rick Bacon said the resolution is modeled after one approved this week in Galveston.

"We'll probably model ours after that resolution," said Bacon.

is sponsoring the the resolution because he feels like it will negatively affect the local economy.

"I don't know that it could actually prevent it; but, I think that really... the purpose of the resolution is just to... let it be known to our state representatives and our federal representatives...this is a definite issue that needs to be... um... addressed," said Bacon.

The San Angelo Salvation Army's Tim Grider said the resolution could discourage officials from housing young illegal immigrants here.

"So, I think.... if anything... that decision regarding the county's government... I think that will help mandate what's going to happen to us," Grider stated.

said he has already received numerous texts, calls, and emails supporting his resolution.

"this is a definite issue that needs to be addressed and that, you know, the citizens of, at least, Tom Green County I feel like feel very strongly about the fact that they need to take care of business," explained Bacon.

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