Coliseum roof is 'ahead of schedule'

- For the first time since the Foster Communications Coliseum was built in 1958, the roof to the coliseum is being completely replaced in what could cost as much as $700,000. Staff said the construction crew is ahead of schedule and almost finished with tearing off the old roof.
"It's a big deal for us to do this to the coliseum. It's long overdue," stated Civic Events Manager, Angelica Peña.

On top of the Foster Communications Coliseum, construction crews are tearing off the old roof and replacing it with a new one. This project could cost as much as $700,000, depending on how much of the roof needs to be replaced.

"They have 120 days to complete the project and that actually takes them to about mid-October; so, we are actually ahead of schedule," Peña explained.

For years, the roof has leaked, which has caused the cancellation of some events. Peña said the new roof will save time and money.

"The leaks before were horrible. You can't have an event here when there's a giant leak and it's going all over the arena floor. So, it'll save us and staff time having to... buy pumps, clean all the coliseum, make sure all the water gets out. It's a laborious process," Peña stated.

The old material is made out of polyurethane foam and the new material is made out of duro-last which is more energy efficient and weather resistant.

"If you had seen this before, there were portions of the roof that had actually bubbled and had moisture underneath. So, this is a shield, like a protective barrier of sorts that'll actually not...not allow moisture to go into the roof material," finished Peña.

The next step in the process is putting down insulation's boards and, finally, installing the duro-last layer which will better protect the roof from harsh elements.

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