Cold Case

This Fourth of July will be 26 years since two San Angelo teenagers were murdered.

Local Investigators remain committed to solving these brutal murders, which Texas Rangers list as one of the Top 12 Cold Case investigations in the state. In fact, just this week, police say they received two new tips that could shine new light on these unsolved murders. 

It was the evening of Independence Day, a night to watch the annual fireworks display at Lake Nasworthy.

26 years ago was the last night anyone saw teenagers Sally McNelly and Shane Stewart alive.

Tom Green County Criminal Investigator, Sergeant Terry Lowe, says despite countless leads and tips the person who shot Sally and Shane to death has not been brought to justice.

Lowe says they are working to bring closure to the parents.

"That's our main concern here is closure for the parents, they don't hurt any less today than they did 26 years ago," Lowe said.

July 4th, 1988, around midnight, a Lake Ranger observed the couple in Stewart's Chevy Camaro parked inside Isabel Harte Park at OC Fisher Lake.

Although nothing appeared to be suspicious they were told to leave, and they did.

The San Angelo teens did not return home that night, but Stewart's vehicle was found the following day back at OC Fisher Lake, but at a different location.

"Somebody here knows the answer. It was an up-close-and-personal crime, somebody had to look them in the eye when they were killing them. That person is still running around," Lowe said.

Shane and Sally's remains were found four months later in the Twin Buttes Reservoir, 20 miles from the vehicle.

"In the last week, we've had two major developments in that we've tracked down a person of interest to a foreign country with the assistance of the Department of State, and we've also exhumed the body the remains of Stewart for DNA purposes," Lowe said.

If you have any information regarding the murders of Sally McNelly and Shane Stewart, call San Angelo Crime Stoppers 658-HELP.

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