- All over the Concho Valley Thursday morning people woke up to damage and power outages after the storm.

Broken tree limbs, roofs blown off, fences knocked down and debris in the streets are just some of the damages the storm caused that is going to have to be cleaned up.

San Angelo Resident, Ira Willett, says it's going to take him all day plus part of the next day to clean up the mess and at the cost of pretty penny.

"Probably no more than 1,000 dollars out of pocket expenses."

Not only were tree limbs broken all over his yard, but his chicken coop completely flipped over. Willett, says he wanted to go out and rescue the chickens but the winds were too strong.

"It scared the heck out of me. Thy managed to say out of the winds and not get blown away until it calmed down so I could gather them together to put them away."

Over at the Baptist Retirement Community, Director, Erin Kelly, says their contracted clean up crew even worked over time, cleaning up the mess the night of the storm.

"As you can see we have lots of people out here working and trying to get it all fixed so is it a pretty large loss for us."

"Behind Fort Concho is one of two locations that people can drop off their debris left over from the storm. As you can see behind me there is a huge pile where people are already taking advantage of this location."

Fort Concho also sustained some damages. Maintenance Worker, Jerry Bruno, says he was right in the middle of the storm when this tree up rooted.

"Truck and trailer out here and chain saws and start cutting away. The tree is over one hundred years old. It's been here a long time. I'm hate to see it go."

You can temporarily drop off debris at two locations: The Coliseum parking lot and the parking area behind Fort Concho East of Henry O. Flipper Street.

Kaitlin Moore Reports

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