City Officials Take the Challenge

The fundraiser for ALS, also known as Lou Gehrig's disease, has gone viral and targeted San Angelo city officials. The ALS ice bucket challenge has raised over $42 million (M), two million more than they raised last year.

San Angelo Police Chief, Tim Vasquez and Assistant Police Chiefs took on the ice bucket challenge, Friday afternoon, at the city park.

Over 740,000 donors have participated in the challenge, and now we can add an additional three hundred following Thursday's event hosted by Tom Green County Commissioner Bill Ford's brother, Mike Ford.

Ford's 65-year-old brother, a former state football champ, suffers from ALS. Ford says he's an inspiration, and is personally touched by the support from family, friends, and the community in bringing awareness to this disease.

State representative, Drew Darby, San Angelo Mayor Dwain Morrison,  Judge Steven Floyd and Judge Penny Roberts were among those in attendance, Thursday evening.

"It's real special to him. One thing we had been hearing about it, and he asked me 'we need to do this' and I said 'well we've been thinking about it.' He sees the benefits and it encourages him, and he's already an encouragement to all of us. I mean not just because he's my brother, he's my hero, he's just really a courageous guy," Ford said.

Ford says, Thursday, they raised over $8,500 to benefit the ALS foundation.

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