City: contractor meets after millions-dollar mistake

- Loose gravel, cracks on the road, and dusting can be expected on older roads. However, a job done last year on streets throughout the city should not already have these problems.

San Angelo Operations Director, Shane Kelton, said an almost two-million-dollar job on streets done across the city was done incorrectly.

"The rock coming off and not sticking to the asphalt is the main issue because we need that rock for the protective layer in there to keep that asphalt from coming alive again next summer when it gets really hot and getting in clothes, and vehicles, and shoes, and things like that," said Kelton.

Representatives from Brannan Paving Company and the city met this week in a closed meeting to discuss the seal coating project done on roads throughout the city.

"It was just an initial meeting to discuss and go over the issues that we- the city-had identified," explained Kelton.

Kelton said the drivers also may have a hard time seeing while driving on these roads because of the faulty seal coat.

"The rock is crushing and-you know-when a rock comes loose it's crushing and grinding and causing dust issues," Kelton said.

At least four areas were identified where the seal coat was applied.

"South of the river, kind of in the downtown area,  there were a few streets there...lower Bluffs area received a good portion of it, and then there was quite a bit scattered through the Southland areas, and southwest area of town," said Kelton.

At least two other meetings are expected before resolving this issue. Kelton said Brannan Paving Company is eager to fix the mistake.

"They had actually come up the day before the meeting and had driven the streets and they-again- they saw the same issues we were seeing," finished Kelton.

Specifics like whether the city will be repaid for inspection costs and the overall costs of the streets are expected to be addressed in the next meeting.

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